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Here's a new technical support case that I wanted to share with our users

Antony 2017-07-10 17:16:02

When accessing the 'Print Page' I can see the 'Various' section at the bottom but it seems to be "empty" --> (see figure).
I'm curious to know what it's for and how to activate it.

The 'Various' section, shows document prints that can be generated from specific document 'views'; the content of these documents are deleted as soon as you exit the 'PRINT' editor.
For example, if from the Sub Categories section, under 'General Data' -> 'Print' (or you simply click on the 'Print...' icon on the program interface toolbar), a document print preview is generated and added under 'Various' showing a summary of the relating 'Sub Categories' --> (see figure).
Note - this kind of print functionality is active in various editor pages under 'General Data'.