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Estimating: how to get the total amount for a section of works

Antony 2017-06-19 18:45:27

I've prepared a BoQ with all the relevant measurements that refer to my various floor plans; is there a way of viewing the total cost corresponding to a given section of works?

Yes you can view a cost summary as follows:

- structure your BoQ or Construction estimate in 'Work Sections (Categories)' (Super Categories, Categories and Sub Categories) --> (See Figure);
- when inserting your measurement items, make sure they are assigned to the correct category or work section --> (See Figure);
- insert the relating measurements for each item --> (See Figure).

Now that the BoQ is set up you can now activate the approprite filters, both on screen --> (See Figure) and when printing --> See Figure), and view cost summaries according to each Work Section or Category.