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How to replace Price List items with other items used in a different document

Antony 2017-05-30 18:34:14

Here's a new technical support request that I wanted to share with our users.

I have two documents that both use the same Price List item and tariff rate but one of them has an incomplete description with respect to the machining operations description.

Is there a quick way to replace the incomplete description with the complete one so as to have both documents containing a full and correct description for both documents?

Yes you can easily copy the price list description used in a reference document and replace it in a destination document by activating the 'Update P.L. items...' feature.

This function 'Update P.L. items... ' allows you to update the information contained in the price list editor with the data contained in a different document...

1) access the 'Price List' editor of the document that contains the correct description;
2) Select 'Update Price List items... 'from the pop up menu that opens with a right mouse button click anywhere on the document;
3) select the 'Reference Document' (in this case, the document that contains the items with the complete description) ;
4) choose 'Rate' from the 'field to compare' list box;
5) select 'Extended Descr.' from the 'Field to update' pane;
6) now click 'OK' to start the update.

Click HERE to see an step by step illustration of the procedure.