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Deleting and selecting measurement rows

Antony 2017-05-30 18:21:19

Here's another Technical Support issue that I wanted to share with our users

How do I delete unwanted measurement rows?

TO delete a measurement row, simply open the measurements editor for a given Item using the F2 function key, then do a right mouse button click and select Delete Measurement row from the local menu. You can also delete a measurement row by using the keyboard key combination Ctrl+Del).

To delete multiple rows, first select each one then delete them using the b]Delete block of Measurement rows from the local menu. The same action can be executed from keyboard with the Ctrl+Shift+Del key combination.

To select a block of rows you can either use the Up/down arrow keys and hold down the Shift key or simply click on the desired items keeping the shift key pressed. You will notice that each item is then highlighted in yellow showing you the current selection.