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How to increase the Font sizes in the 'Price List' editor and Document prints

Conrado 2016-10-19 15:50:04

Another interesting technical support case for our users

Is there a way of changing the font settings used in the Price List item descriptions?

Yes you can personalize your PL item texts by following this simple procedure:
1) - scroll the down to the right of the program's status bar to zoom to the entire editor -> ( see illustration);
Note: 'zoom' level is maintained for the entire session; when closing the document, the zoom level level is restored to default value (100%).

2) - to increase the font size you can select a higher value from the combo box points in the View Options toolbox -> ( see illustration);
Note: any customizations performed in the 'View Options' tool box are retained even when closing and re-opening a document.;

3) - scroll down to the bottom right of the document and go to Font Size to increase ONLY the font size of the Extended Zoom window under View Details. -> ( see illustration);

IMPORTANT!!! The Extended Zoom page has been designed specifically to facilitate word processing operations and/or editing the extended description of a price list item.
- Any changes made in Font Size within the 'Extended Zoom' page are saved as default for all documents.

The above described customizations do not affect printed documents; to make changes that affect your printed documents you need to access specific settings that are available in the Print manager. To change font sizes in your printed documents, you need to increase/decrease the font value in 'Font Height' in the PRINTER CONFIGURATION dialog ->( see illustration ).