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Technical Specification

User_976940 2021-10-23 00:40:20

Possibility to edit technical spec separately for each work categoy.


Tony 2021-10-27 09:59:20

I apologise for the belated reply concerning PriMus.
The Technical Specifications relate to the entire price book and provide indications regarding the methods and application for forming the individual rates or general guidelines regarding how Tender Offers should be determined by contractors.

This section should also provide measurement standards with an indication of the costs that are included in each unit rate too.
You can of course structure the entire Section with your own documnet that can refer to individual WBSs or Work category references and create a list of specifications according to your own needs.
When you move to the Printing Phase, simply print of Export the Technical Specifications node.

See Attachment for details - How to use technical specs

and this video:

Hope this helps.