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Moving and arranging the accounting items

Mauro 2020-08-26 15:12:49

I need to re-arrange and move the BoQ items in my cost estimate. Is there a way of moving them around in a different order?

To re-arrange your BoQ items simply launch the PriMus integration mode

With the BoQ now available in PriMus, you can use the item sorting tools to move the Items around in a different order.
-> Click HERE to see how to move measurement items in PriMus
When completed, close PriMus and save the current document.

Upon returning to the PriMus-IFC BoQ, the items will now appear in a different order and the entire document will be updated.

NOTE: By default the sorting of the items in the Measurements Editor is by Tariff, in the BoQ/Cost Estimate, it is by order of insertion