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PriMus-IFC - How to update the unit rates for a previously created BoQ or cost estimate document

Mauro 2020-08-24 14:41:53

Here's a technical support case that one of our users sent in.

I originally used a Price List to build up my cost Estimate in PriMus-IFC.
I've now noticed that the official price list has been updated in terms of unit rates.

Is it possible to update the unit rates without losing measurements?

Yes, you can update the unit rates using the "Update PL items" function in PriMus.

1. save the cost estimate in the ".dcf" format from PriMus-IFC;
2. open the ".dcf" document with PriMus;
3. now access the Price List editor
4. choose the function "Update PL Items"
5. select the new reference price list;
6. specify the field to be compared (for example: Rates)
7. select the field to be updated (for example: Rate 1)
8. click the "OK" button to confirm and start the update function.

Once completed, the item unit rates will be updated according to the new rates for the corresponding items and present in the new reference PRICE LIST document.

See this Video:

Note - PriMus-IFC and Edificius Do NOT support the "Update PL items" function.