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How to delete a measurement related to an entity

Mauro 2016-05-18 18:46:45

Here's another technical support issue that I wanted to share with our users.

How do I delete measurement rows that may have been linked up to an entity by mistake?

To delete a measurement, and therefore de-select an entity that was linked up to a Price List item by mistake, proceed as follows:

1. select the item within the BoQ with ctrl+click, so as to highlight all linked entities in the 3D View;
2. the item appears in the Measurements editor with a number between brackets that expresses the number of assigned entities;
3. press the small black triangle placed to the side of the Price List item: a list of PL items is viewed showing the entities they are linked to;
4. now simply de-select those entities tat were included by mistake.

Click HERE To see an illustration.