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Reinforcement tables

User_495049 2020-12-07 13:54:35

Is it possible to obtain the reinforcement table of every element separately, especially for beams and columns, and to show these tables in the final drawings.

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Tony 2020-12-09 09:48:17

of course! EdiLus allows you to create highly detailed reinforcement schedules for each element.
Once you have completed a full calculation of the structure, you'll notice that you have a complete range of Reinforcement tables for your RC Beams and Columns too.
In fact, at the bottom left, you'see each beam span and column node represented with the relating construction details.

Have a look at these videos to understand more about creating and paginating your final drawings:

The drawing models

Composing drawing models

Creating custom drawing models

Composing working drawings automatically

Hope this helps

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