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How to create a custom title block

TonyC 2019-12-03 18:33:22

Is there a way of creating a user defined title block for my working drawing layouts?

Yes, you can. These are two basic ways:

1) If the Title Block hasn't been created yet, go to the "TitleBlock" folder, duplicate (copy/paste) and rename one of the title blocks already present and edit it using a CAD application.

2) If the Title block has already been created, simply add it to the Title blocks already present in the program in the “TitleBlock” folder (C:\ACCA\EdiLus\Resources\EN\DocumentModels\).

Once the new title block has been added, this will then be automatically available in the Title Blocks List.

Make sure any new Title Blocks are correctly scaled and saved in the Dxf/Dwg CAD file format and not newer than the AutoCAD 2018 format.