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Recovering a Backup Copy

TonyC 2019-11-21 09:31:10

This interesing support ticket was sent in by one of our users

How do I recover a backup copy of a project file?

Backup copies are generated automatically whenever you save your project file or whenever you click on the Save button/command and as long as the "Backup on every save" option is enabled (see "Program Options")

The backup copy of the file is generated in a default directory which can also be modified. To view the file backup directory, proceed as follows:
1) open the Tools menu;
2) click on Options...;
3) the field Directory Backup shows the relative path (see image: Backup directory).

Once you have located the backup directory, manually go to the backup folder and retrieve the copy of your project file.
Please note that the backup copy has the same name as the working copy with a progressive numeric code added to the end of the file name.

Warning: The backup copy of the file is not generated if the file is saved using the Save as... command.