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How to eliminate the error: incorrect model for Slab or Balcony

TonyC 2019-10-17 10:42:27

This support ticket was sent in by one of our EdiLus users

After launching the calculation process of my structure I get this message in diagnostics.
I try to find these elements to correct them or eliminate them but I can't. How do I get around this problem?

To find and delete or correct these parametric objects in error, probably generated during insertion, proceed as follows:
1) open the menu Calculation and do a Reset Calculation;
2) open the Diagnostics which will contain the error message of the incorrectly drawn element;
3) double-click with the left mouse button to go to the object in error;
4) this will automatically open the level/ plan view that contains the entity in error. It will also be selected;
5) press the right mouse button and select the item Delete Entity.

The operations described above allow you to select and delete these graphical objects that are not correctly drawn and detected by the program.
If there are more than one entity in error, you'll need to perform this operation for each of them.