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How to transform the 'Design Stage' situation to a 'Surveyed' stage

TonyC 2019-10-17 09:17:32

Here’s a new technical support case that has been addressed various times by our users

Is there a way of converting a model defined as a "Design Stage" document to a "Surveyed Stage" file so as to calculate the seismic vulnerability of the building before construction?

If you need to convert a "Design Stage" file to a "Surveyed stage" file, simply follow these few simple steps:
1) cancel any previous calculations that may have been launched by pressing the Reset Calculation button;
2) Open the Calculation Preferences in the Project in NAVIGATOR by doing a double-click on the node;
3) Open the Existing Buildings sheet;
4) click within the Situation field on the relating button;
5) click Yes, in the WARNING window in order to proceed with the conversion process;
6) now simply Save as to change the document status from “Design” to “Survey”.
Click the link to see a detailed illustration of the procedure: Design Stage -> Current Situation