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Creating a 'Project survey', starting from the 'De Facto' situation

TonyC 2019-10-17 09:08:44

Here’s another interesting technical support case that I wanted to share with our users.

I have to perform the verification of an existing building. I have already modeled the current “surveyed” situation but how do I move on to defining the "Design stage" situation? Do I need to re-model everything over again from scratch?

The program’s "New Document Wizard" allows you to create the situation proposed "Design Stage" starting from the "Surveyed" situation. To create the situation "Design Stage" starting from the "Surveyed" situation simply proceed as follows:
1) close the "Survey" file;
2) create a new Document;
3) specify the Construction type as Existing;
4) now define the Project type in the Survey field;
5) browse to select the "Surveyed" situation file;
6) now click on the Continue button to create the "Project" document.

Click the following link to see how to proceed: Creating the 'Design stage'.