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How to create a new profile section type for columns and beams

TonyC 2015-03-03 15:18:07

Here's a new technical support issue that has been put through by some of our EdiLus users

How can I define anew section type for my structural columns and beams?

To create a new section type for columns and beams, simply proceed as follows
- open the node ELEMENTS in the project Navigator;
- open the "Columns and Beams sections" node with a double click;
- select the section type to add from the predefined section list (for example: rectangular section type)
- select Add by doing a right mouse button click;
- now define the geometrical characteristics of the section by inserting the relating data in the properties toolbox (e.g.: in the case of a rectangle, define Base and height).

Access the following link to see a video showing how to create new section types for columns and beams: