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How to modify and customize Column reinforcements

TonyC 2015-02-27 17:19:49

Here's another technical support request that was put forward by one of our EdiLus users

I need to add and customize the calculated reinforcements in a column and therefore modify the number of rebars and their diameters. How do I proceed?

To modify the Column reinforcements calculated by EdiLus, proceed as follows:

- select the column and view its reinforcements;
- select the "Corner Rebars" description to modify the diameters in the properties toolbox;
- select the longitudinal rebars or the coloured bands to modify number, diameters and number of reinforcement layers;
- select the Links or stirrups to change the diameter in the properties toolbox;
- now press the Confirm button to run a resistance check based on the newly modified reinforcements.

Click here to see a short video that shows how easy it is to customize the reinforcements in a column:

To view column reinforcements, you can proceeds in two ways.
Method 1:
- select the column
- by activating the local menu, with a right mouse button click, select View Reinforcements in the "View" field.

Method 2:
- access the Navigator's "Reinforcements" node
- with a double click on Columns
- select Column Grid