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How to apply a wind load (2)

TonyC 2019-02-22 15:34:10

Technical support issue

How can I apply wind load to the structure?

With version 42.00f-BIM(f), a new feature has been introduced allowing our users to add wind loads to their structures.
See this Video Tutorial for details: Wind Loads.

Take note that the automatic evaluation performed by the software, regarding the shape coefficients or aerodynamic coefficients (Cp), on wind exposed surfaces, is calculated following the "waterproof" building types hypothesis (internal pressure coefficient Cpi=0), a rectangular plan with flat roof, inclined roof or pitched roof. All the other situations when this hypothesis is not satisfied (multiple roof structures, canopies, shelters, etc.), a manual evaluation of the shape coefficients must be calculated, by modifying the program's results.

As an alternative to the automatic calculation of wind actions, you can integrate the forces entered by the program, or simply proceed with a manual insertion of the wind load as follows:
  • access the "Forces and Moments 3D view (user)";

  • select the type of force to apply (concentrated force, linear force, etc.) in the "Loads and Pressure" section of the "drawing entities";

  • apply the selected load to the structure;

  • in Properties. specify, for all the forces, the amount, the direction and the load condition (in this case "wind load" +/-X or +/-Y).

Click HERE to see how to "Apply additional forces".