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How to publish on Web and view the 3D model with the Bim Voyager - EdiLus-VR

TonyC 2019-02-22 12:54:32

I would like to publish a 3D model of a structure using the EdiLus-VR functionality so that I can show my design solutions using the BIM Voyager service.
Is there something I need to do to enable viewing?

If you want to publish your 3D model using EdiLus-VR, simply proceed as follows:
1] From the top toolbar, left click on "Share" then on "EdiLus-VR" ;

2] The next window asks you to enter your "e-mail" and "password" used when registering your myACCA account;

3] Enter a "Title" and "Description" for your Project;

4] Now click on "Publish";

5] The model uploading process will now start. Check the upload status from the "EdiLus" icon in the "System Tray" (right bottom corner of the windows taskbar near the time and date section);

6] Once the upload process has finished, click on "Click here to view your project";

7] you'll now be able to view your Model using a simple web browser and therefore take a virtual tour of the entire structure.

Click HERE to see a video of the step by step procedure.

Click HERE to see how to explore a structural model in EdiLus-VR.