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The new BIM version of EdiLus is now IFC certified!!!

TonyC 2019-02-22 12:50:42

Great news for all of our clients using our worldwide appreciated version 42.00f-BIM(f) of EdiLus which is now certified according to the IFC standard.
The IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes) is a special data format that allows seamless data exchange of an information model without any risk of losing data or information.
This is a completely NEUTRAL and open file format which is not managed or controlled by any individual software company. It was created to simplify interoperability between the architecture, engineering and construction disciplines and industries with regard to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes and methodology.

IFC Certification

BuildingSMART International has defined a certification process that assures users regarding their software and the ability to interchange their IFC data correctly while being fully compliant with standards currently in force.

This means that all IFC certified software are able of exchanging information with other programs according to precise workflows and standards.
EdiLus-BIM(f) presents the IFC CV2.0 certification (Coordination View 2.0).

Click HERE to see how to import an IFC file.
Click HERE to see how to export an IFC file.
Click HERE to see how to manage and modify IFC properties.