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Unresolved error even after emptying system cache during installation

TonyC 2018-07-04 11:04:13

Here's a useful technical support case that I wanted to share with our ediLus users

Hi, while trying to install the program (or update), at a certain point, the installation stops and a message appears telling me to clear the cache.
Despite following these instructions, after deleting the cache and restarting my PC, when I resume the installation, I still get the same message that tells me to delete the cache.
Is there a way of resolving this problem and completing the installation?

Failure to install the software may be due to some difficulty in writing or saving the information needed for installation, in the temporary files folder of the operating system.
In this case, before proceeding with the installation again, simply try to empty the temporary files folder. To do this, proceed as follows:
- Close all active applications;
- click on the Start menu and click on Run... (the "Run..." window also opens when you press the Windows + R keys on the keyboard. -> );
- in the text field to the right of "Open:" type %temp% and then click OK;
- the temporary files folder will open. Now select the files in this folder and delete them all.
Some of these files can't be deleted because they're used by the operating system. In this case just proceed by ignoring the error message by choosing "skip".

Once the temporary files folder has been emptied, disable the antivirus (disable both the file system check and the network traffic check) and try again with the installation process.