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Integer Overflow

TonyC 2017-12-22 15:41:44

While proceeding with the input of my structure or in some cases while editing the structural members in my drawings, I get this error message:

Can you please explain why and wghat I should do to solve this kind of problem?

This error is mainly caused by entities in imported CAD drawings (lines, poly-lines, etc) that are too small.
In this case, the EdiLus snap tool may go in error generating this message.

To see whether this error is actually caused by the imported dxf/dwg drawing or other various 2D entities, we suggest: delete all the dxf/dwg cad drawings previously imported into the EdiLus levels management and/or the various 2D Graphical entities and then repeat structural member input and editing.
If the cause of the error is due to the imported dxf/dwg files, try to "clean" up your CAD drawing file by exploding blocks and remove any graphic entities that aren't necessary for defining the structure (such as blocks, 2d objects, 3D models, other unnecessary views, hatches and patterns, etc.).