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How to insert a slanted steel or timber column?

TonyC 2017-12-05 16:26:47

Here's a very useful technical support case that I'd like to share with our users.

How can I insert a slanted steel or timber column in my project?

The steel column object can only be used as a vertical structural member.
To insert a slanted column, either it be in steel or timber, you can use the steel or timber BEAM object and assign it with the appropriate inclination.

A steel column and a slanted steel beam can both be tested in terms of compressive-bending stresses so both of these member types can be treated the same way.

The same also applies in the case of timber elements too.

In the case of reinforced concrete structures, the program has a specific object, found in the entities menu as the Slanted column and is used in a more specific manner in accordance with the different verification rules, sizing and construction detailing.