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How are the columns oriented in their relating table and how are the reinforcements arranged?

TonyC 2017-10-17 16:12:39

Here's another interesting technical support case for our EdiLus users.

I would like to understand how the columns are oriented and how the reinforcements are postioned along the various building levels.

More specifically, in the case of a square column, in which I have additional rebars along the sides, how do I know in which direction I should place these additional rebars?
In this illustration HERE, I have a doubt: columns 1 and 2 are reinforced with the same amount of rebars but the extra rebars are placed first, along the vertical walls, and then along the horizontal ones. How do I interrupt them?

Column arrangements reinforcements in the corresponding table are reported exactly according to the Framework layout so that if the column has a rotation tat differs from 0 or 90°, this is represented both in the column table and the framework layout with the same rotation values.

In the specific case of square columns, the additional rebars arranged along the horizontal side of the column, such as column 2 of the above image, correspond to the rebars arranged along the X direction, while observing the column in plan or framework view.