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Problems with modelling balconies

TonyC 2017-08-22 12:24:11

Here's a technical support issue that I would like to share with our users.

I always find it difficult to insert balconies. Could you suggest how to proceed with modelling correctly?

The “balcony” object modelling process follows these very simple rules:
1) Draw the balcony’s outer perimeter only (see image img1.jpg).
In fact, the side adjacent to the main beam (or walls) should never be traced.

2)] The grey triangles that appear along the poly-line while tracing represent the balcony’s inner side. Therefore, make sure they are facing in the right direction. In case they are facing the outside, you can reverse their direction by pressing the F5 Function key while defining the balcony's shape (see image img2.jpg).

3) The starting and end point of the polyline must be accurately positioned on the outside face of the beam (or walls).
To ensure this, it's good practice to draw the balcony using nearby reference objects as snap aids. In particular, you should leave the Perpendicular and Intersection snap functions active (see image img3.jpg).

4) If you are defining your balcony on a dxf/dwg drawing, please check that you have accurately drawn the structural members too. If this is not the case, even if you are using the snaps, the balcony might not be inserted since the snap aids may be activated on the dxf/dwg drawing, instead of the EdiLus beam (or walls) object. A good way of verifying this is to hide the dxf/dwg CAD drawing temporarily (see image img4.jpg).

Click on the following link to learn how to modify and work with objects visibility: