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Foundation: Limit load check not satisfied

TonyC 2017-08-21 12:11:39

Here’s an interesting topic that I wanted to share with our users:

I have various foundation elements that are not verified at limit load condition. Is there a way of correcting this kind of error?

The limit load verification could not be fulfilled due to:

1) Errors relating to terrain data input
Be sure to have defined the geotechnical soil data (weight per unit of volume, friction angle, cohesions etc.) based on the provisions of the geological report.

Click the following link to see a video foundation soil definitions:

2) Error in the limit load calculation settings
Check that the limit load calculation options are consistent with the characteristics of the used soil type (or stratigraphy). In particular:
- Check that the right excavation depth is assigned.
- Check that the required calculation conditions (Drained, Non-Drained, Minimum between drained and non-drained) are appropriate to the type of soil/stratigraphy.
- If you chose "Minimum between drained and non-drained", check that the soil definition (or stratigraphy) have the necessary parameters (minimum angle of friction and non-drained cohesion) and that such verification method is not too penalizing.
Click Here to see the image of the limit load calculation options.

3) Modeling Issues
The foundation elements may present a reduced footprint.
In this case, the options are:
- Insert an Exception: geotechnical testing will not be performed; Click here to see how to insert Exceptions:
- Choose a known design resistance value: the soil’s design resistance is not calculated by the program but specified by the technician/designer (see attached image: Know limit load).

4) Terrain and/or foundation structure inadequacy:
If the above checks still cause a non-verified limit load check, we can consider:
- to act on an unverified element of the foundation geometry, for example by increasing the base footprint; Click the following link to see a specific video on this aspect:

- Adopt pile foundations.
Click the following link to see a video regarding how to insert pile foundations:
Click the following link to see a video regarding how to insert plinths on poles: