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Soil pressure (static) null

TonyC 2017-02-03 09:19:38

I'm opening this thread to share a technical support request.

I have completed the wall element input defining soil pressure. When consulting the calculation results I can see that the pressure values in static condition are null but in Seismic conditions I have pressure values determined correctly. Is this normal or have I made a mistake in modelling along the way?

The Soli Pressure in Static conditions may not apply if, in the soil's geotechnical characteristics assigned to the object "Soil Pressure" object (applied on walls), there is an effective cohesion (c') such as to cancel, for the entire height of the wall, the horizontal stresses diagram due to the soil's frictional component.
In these circumstances, the soil's self-support height is greater than the wall height.
In order to evaluate pressure values in static conditions, the effective cohesion must be reduced or cancelled.