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Inserting Foundation Plinths

TonyC 2014-10-02 11:49:29

Here's a new technical support issue.

I'm experiencing difficulties when inserting Plinths. When I try to insert them, I get an error message saying: "You can only insert Plinths on Columns shown in Background". In this case what do I have to do?

This message refers to the plinths insert mode in floor plan view

To insert a Plinth in floor plan view, you have to:

- go to the level below the level where the columns have been inserted;
- activate the Background so as to see the level where the columns are inserted;
- click inside the column footprint to place the plinth into position;

If you go to the Sub-structure level, you'll notice that the columns are already visible in background.
A plinth can also be inserted in 3D by clicking on the column under which the plinth is to be inserted.

Click the following link to see how to proceed:


User_249382 2015-02-13 17:02:12

thanks very helpful