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Missing measurements, texts, etc., on Frameworks and Reinforcement schedules...

TonyC 2014-09-02 12:48:09

Here's a new technical support issue I wanted to share

In the Reinforcement Schedules, some of the information is missing (measurements, text, etc.)
What am I doing wrong?

In Windows 7 and 8 Operating Systems the necessary system fonts for viewing measurements correctly may not be present.

In this case, and to be able to view all data correctly, all you need to do is install the missing system fonts that are supplied in the EdiLus installation folder:

- close EdiLus Free UPP
- access the Program's installation folder (ex. C/ACCA/EdiLus/Font);
- open the Font folder;
- select the files already present and select them all;
- now with a right mouse button click, select "INSTALL" from the local menu;
- once the install process is completed, restart your PC

Now launch EdiLus again and verify that the measurements are correctly shown in all drawings, etc.