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Error 10142: Floor Level without any structural nodes

TonyC 2016-04-18 12:21:27

I have modelled a structure, and having completed the calculation I get this message in the diagnostics "floor level without STRUCTURAL Nodes. How do I get around this problem?

This error derives from a non correspondence between the height set in the "Floor Levels Management" and the height of the elements drawn in the specified floor plan (elements such as columns, walls, etc). EdiLus cannot therefore identify ANY structural nodes belonging to that level.

The effect of this incongruity is that for the specified "Level" some of the checks can not be performed (DLS, second order effects, etc...).

Standardize the height defined in the "Levels Management" with the height of the vertical elements drawn at that level, with relating floor height= 0.

- Increase the tolerance band for floor level node membership by acting on the "Floor Height Delta" (max 10 cm). See image: Height Level delta;
- Adjust the floor height to that of the structural elements present.

If you vary the height of a level, the structural elements present in that given level will also be affected by the same variation in altitude/height.
To lock the position of the structural elements, first change the level height, remove the "Anchor to level" option which is set to "on" by default for the elements present in the level (columns, walls, beams).
Open the attached image to see how to disable this option: Link to Level.

Click the link to see a video that illustrates how to correct the "Floor Level without Structural nodes" message: