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Floor deck parameters

TonyC 2015-10-22 12:32:52

Here's a technical support issue that I wanted to share with our users

I need to define the data necessary for a slab calculation but I do not understand what some of the parameters are for.

The data for defining the floor slab resistant elements are contained in the properties toolbox.
To better understand their meaning, please refer to this illustration: img.jpg

Please remember that:
The mentioned fields have a meaning only when deciding to design the floor slabs, otherwise, simple definition of load analysis and slab rigidity would be sufficient.

The Thickness field must be defined for RC floor slabs and not for those in steel or generic materials because these are not calculated.

Editing the THICKNESS field, doesn't update the dead load that must always be defined in the load analysis section.

To see how to proceed with Floor slab calculations, simply click on this link: