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Stream read error importing from dxf/dwg CAD drawing

TonyC 2015-10-22 12:00:24

I'm sharing another interesting technical support case with our users

Importing a DXF/DWG CAD file I get the following error message: "Stream read error".
How can I solve this kind of problem?

This sort of problem may depend on two possible causes

Cause 1
The TeighaX component (used by EdiLus for importing dxf/dwg files) may not be correctly installed.

A possible solution could be to re-install the TeighX component as follows
1) close EdiLus and other CAd applications;
2) open the .Common folder under the ACCA install folder (normally: C:\ACCA\.Common)
3) open TeighaX
4) double click TeighaX_vc10dll.msi to launch the install process and follow the on screen instructions to the end.
5) Once "TeighaX_vc10dll.msi" is re-installed, re-launch EdiLus and try importing a dxf/dwg file again (we suggest trying with "Example_01.DWG" which can be found in the "Examples" folder).

Cause 2
The DXF/DWG CAD file that you are trying to import may contain external references to images or other links.
In these cases, to resolve the problem:
1) open the DXF/DWG with your own CAD software;
2) delete any references to external images or elements;
3) now save the DXF/DWG file choosing the 2007 or 2010 or 2018 file format and close your CAD;
4) now re-import this newly saved CAD file into EdiLus.

N.B.: In general, it's best to explode all internal Blocks contained in the DXF/DWG to import and cleaned from any elements that are un-necessary for building up your structure in EdiLus (such as blocks, 2D objects, 3D, hatch patterns, etc.).