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Rebar lengths

TonyC 2015-08-27 09:11:23

I'm sharing this interesting technical support issue with our EdiLus users

I can't understand how to determine the total length of the reinforcement bars as shown in the attached image (img1.jpg). How do I proceed?

The length of the rebar as shown in the attached image (img2.jpg) is determined with the following individual lengths:
L1 = 230cm
L2 = 23cm
L3 = 31cm
Ltot = 284cm

L1: is the rebar length to the center of the column
L2: half the column width minus the reinforcement cover (25-2)
L3: rebar shaping equal to the column height minus the reinforcement cover multiplied by the squaring percentage (as configured in the beams reinforcement toolbox img3.jpg) 67%(50-2-2)