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Additional forces applied on foundation slabs and walls

TonyC 2015-07-24 18:02:00

Sharing a technical support case:

How are user defined forces considered when applied to two-dimensional elements such as walls, foundation slabs, etc., and how can I see if they are applied correctly?

Once the additional forces are applied to such elements, and completed the calculation process, these forces are decomposed according to the areas of influence and applied as concentrated forces to the shell vertex nodes subject to the additional forces.

Click here to see an illustration of additional forces: loads.jpg

To see the applied forces in 3D view, you can consult the results under the "Loads" section (where only the vertical actions are shown). In the table, these results are shown under Calculations/Tables in the Node Loads table.

click here to see how to consult the graphical results:

Click here to see the calculation result tables: