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User_495049 2021-05-07 11:50:01

I have been using Edilus for the last few months and I can say that I am quite satisfied. I would like to give some suggestions for improvement, especially in the executive phase of the drawings.

- It would be great if the Concrete floor could be thrown in the two directions. So, to have T beams in x-y directions.
-For the reinforcement of the concrete slabs and for the foundations slabs, during the implementations of the reinforcement from the software, the reinforcement rebar exceed the limit of 12 m length, and are not detailed. It would be great if these elements to have the detailed reinforcement.
-For the columns it would be great if could be a option to detail the stirrups and to make it more personalized.

Best regards.


Tony 2021-05-07 17:11:12

We're so happy you have had the chance to give us such valuable feedback regarding EdiLus. We really appreciate it! Your suggestions are already in the hands of our R&D team for evaluation.

Thanks for choosing ACCA software.