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Roof Modelling Errors: “Roof in Error”

John 2014-02-05 12:55:32

I'm starting this new discussion to share a technical support request.

Why is it that when I close the roof editor I get this message: "ERROR: One or more roof slopes are in error?"
How do I solve this problem?

This kind of error appears when one or more roof sections aren't drawn correctly.

In fact, a roof slope isn't correctly configured when:
- at least one vertex is drawn outside the roof footprint (The roof footprint is always defined before inserting the various roof slopes);
- at least one vertex doesn't correctly join up or overlaps with other vertices;

To avoid this kind of error, I suggest drawing the roof slopes using the appropriate zoom in/out and snap features to correctly line up the vertices.

Click the link here to see how to solve this kind of roof modelling problem: