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Room definition error: “Room in Error”

John 2014-02-05 12:54:05

I'm opening this new discussione to share a technical support issue.

Why is it that some rooms in my project have the "<Room in Error!>" tag?
How do you resolve this kind of problem?

The "<Room in Error!>" message appears when a room isn't correctly closed - therefore not covering a correctly defined area.

To define rooms and compartments correctly, make sure you follow these basic rules:
- Use only "Building envelope" objects to define the perimeter - (Building envelope - Curved Building Envelope and/or dummy envelope objects). Do not use the Ornamental wall or filling objects;
- Make sure you are using the snap options to help align all ends correctly and zoom in to get a better and more precise view;
- Cross any column objects with the wall or building envelope objects being sure to connect up to other building envelopes - any eccess segments will be cut off automatically when they overlay a column. These segments are not shown in your working drawings;

Click on the following link to see how to solve these kind of errors when defining and modelling Rooms and compartments: