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Beams legend and beams numbering on floor plan

AdrianaZ 2020-09-22 13:00:35

This support ticket was sent in by one of our users

I need to show the beam numbering sequence as shown in the legend? Is there a way to do that?


Yes you can actually, try this:

1. to create a Beams legend, select the "OBJECTS legend" option from the “drawing menu”;

2. to customize the information shown in the table columns, choose the variables relating to the Beam properties (click the “variables” option and choose the desired property);

3. insert the “Legend object” on the floor plan;

4. you can also customize the table by setting up a filter. To customize the filter: select the table and choose the properties to be shown in the properties toolbox;

5. In order to show the numbering sequence next to each beam of the floor plan, a "Label" object must be inserted for each object;