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How to edit/visualize the Edificius CAD Alias

madoniaivan 2020-09-21 14:59:48

I would like to share the following User support request

In Edificius CAD, it is possible to add or modify "ALIAS" or "shortcuts", please proceed as described:

Access the "Customize User Interface" menu:
Option A: write "CUSTOMIZE" in the command bar;
see illustration here
Option B: clicking on the options at the bottom right and choosing the option "customize ...";
see illustration here
Option C: by right-clicking on the ribbon and choosing the option "customize ...";
see illustration here
Once entered the "Customize User Interface" menu, you need to open the "ICAD" tab and then the "Aliases" tab.

This allows to visualize all the available Aliases. In order to edit (or add) an Alias, simply right click on an existing Alias and select the proper option among the following menu:

- enter a new Alias;
- rename the selected Alias
- delete the selected Alias;
- copy the selected Alias;
- paste the selected Alias.

see illustration here