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Custom interior design objects

AdrianaZ 2020-09-07 12:23:06

I would like to share a support request.

How can I include custom furniture elements in my Edificius project?

It is possible to insert a custom furniture in Edificius as a 3D Model generated with a solid modeler and exported in a compatible data format.
To import a custom 3D Model into Edificius, proceed as follows:
1. Open the Project or User Library from the navigator tree on the left side of the software interface;
2. access the 3D Models section;

3. Add a new Folder by right-mouse-click;
4. insert a new Element with a right-mouse-click on the previously inserted folder;

5. Import the file by clicking the "Import from file" option in the Properties tool box (right side of the software interface)

6. Confirm by clicking OK in the "3D model import" preview window;

7. here a list of the Compatible 3D Model file formats