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Create a new title block from a dxf / dwg

LuigiS 2020-08-25 16:19:43

I would like to share a support request:

How can I insert a DXF title blocks in the title block catalogue

The title blocks in dxf/dwg format can be used as a reference for drawing a new title block.
Proceed as follows:
1. from the navigator tree, double click on the “Title Blocks” node;

2. open the title block editor;

3. open the 2D graphics objects menu;
4. choose “dxf/dwg Drawing”;
5. upload the title block in dxf/dwg format;
6. draw the title block using lines, polylines and text object.

After creating the title block in the library you can use it in your working drawings, watch the following video:
Properties of the executive table

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