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Rendering Settings: OUTPUT

AdrianaZ 2020-08-25 10:08:33

To access the OUTPUT window simply start the rendering process. You can also read this forum discussion describing how to operate:

The Rendering Settings also allows you to choose between:

1. Type of Render Image, 360° VR Panorama or 360° Stereoscopic Panorama;

- the 360° VR (virtual Reality) panorama shows a wide visual angle view of the model;
- the 360° Stereoscopic panorama returns a three-dimensional view of the visual field;

2. the pixel dimensions of the rendered image;
3. the dimensions in millimeters if the render is to be printed;

Read also how
In the Render Settings BACKGROUND window choose:

- Color: when you want to use a monochrome color as a background;
- Sky: when you want to use the sky as a background, with its horizon line;
- 360 ° VR image: when you want to use a 360 ° spherical image (also customized) as background;
- Transparent: when we want to leave the background transparent to subsequently insert a filling (to be carried out with external software);