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Level management - Restore a default Background

AdrianaZ 2020-07-23 09:51:50

Each level, by default, shows the background (a view of the elements drawn in other levels) of the level below.
for example: the roof level shows the trace of the vertical envelopes designed on the ground floor.
If we insert a new Level and leave active the "Restore default Background" option, the background of the underlying plan is activated for each level in the level management.
for example: if we add the first floor level between ground floor and roof level, the roof plan background will show the objects of the first floor; and the background of the first floor will show the objects of the ground floor.

To restore the default Background proceed as follows:

1. Open the "LEVELS and subLevels Management"
2. from the LEVEL/sub-level Description field click the Level above which you want to add a new level;
3. leave selected “Restore default Background;
4. click “Insert new layer”.