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Creating a Project Group from a current situation of a previous project

LuigiS 2020-07-20 10:32:16

I would like to share a support request:

How can I create a Project Group (PG ) starting from the Current Situation ( CS ) of a previous one?

To create a PG starting from the CS of a previous document, proceed as follows:

1. create a new folder ;
2. access the folder where the "previous" Project Group is stored and copy the Current Situation file ( the file is marked with (PROJECT) );
3. paste the previously copied file into the new folder;
3. rename the file just copied, eliminating the wording " (PROJECT) " and assigning a different name from the previous one;
4. open Edificius;
5. from the Home click on " New ";
6. select the option " Project Group ";
7. in the field " Current Situation " click the three-dots-button and select the file previously copied to the new folder.
8. start the Project Group by clicking on the green flag.

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