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Modeling a roundabout

LuigiS 2020-07-09 14:08:58

I would like to share a support request:

How can I model a roundabout with Edificious?

Once in the Edificus Terrain environment of proceed as follows:
1. in the "00 survey" level draw the terrain perimeter;
2. in the "01 Project" level, draw a triangular yard;
3. select the yard sides and use the "Edit" button on the ribbon to select "convert in arc". now the yard has a circular shape;

4. on level "01 Project" draw the roads (object "Road") that intersect the roundabout;
5. on the same level, model the central part of the yard by inserting two circular walls ("wall on the ground");
6. in the "02 Project" level with the "earthwork" object model the ground between the walls;
7. in the "03 project" level it is possible to draw a new earthwork, with a different height, to which we will also add the slope to create a relief effect.

To help modeling the yard or earthwork, 2D graphics objects such as "parallel guide line", "circumference", "line" etc. can also be used.

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