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Custom shaped column

LuigiS 2020-06-04 14:11:28

How can I create a column with a particular section that I can’t find in Edificious library

To create a custom section column proceed as follows
1. in the left decision tree, click over "BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY" to open the library drop-down menu;
2. open the "USER BIM object library or PROJECT BIM library";
3. open the "beams and column" section;

4. right-click the "personalised section" folder and choose append -> element;

5. the default software offers a square profile;
6. click on the "Edit" button to edit the profile;

7-8. we can edit the perimeter by clicking on the polylines that make up the profile and add / remove nodes and change in arc.

Related video:
How to create a section for semicicircular columns

- if needed you can load reference drawing, by using the 2D graphic objects (lines, polylines, magneticgrid2D, etc.) or importing a dxf / dwg .
- To make the new element available also in other projects, it is necessary to create them in the USER BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY.