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H Sonac

I cannot access projects via Edificius.

H Sonac 2020-06-04 12:18:21

I have not been able to access any project I have worked with on Edificius since yesterday.I encountered the same error in all the files I tried to open.I cleaned the computer and I reinstalled Edificius, but the result did has not changed. I upload the problem that occurred yesterday and all the error pictures that occurred a few days ago.

Good work.554591_1591265732_1.png554591_1591265746_2.png554591_1591265756_3.png554591_1591265767_4.png554591_1591265778_5.png554591_1591265793_6.png554591_1591265807_7.png554591_1591265822_8.png554591_1591265839_9.png


Tony 2020-06-05 15:27:49

I took a bit of time to look into this case more in detail.
From the screenshots you have sent, it seems that you have a program with a Video Card driver update. This causes Edificus to crash upon launching.
Another problem could be that you are using a low performance Video Card on a Laptop. Some laptops have TWO video Cards. One for Low Performance during Battery Usage and another more performing card when the Power saving configuration is set to High Performance. Please check on your Laptop if tthis is the case.
Seeing as you also have Edificius running on other PCs, please try loading the file on another PC.
Another useful test is to try launching Edificius (if it runs correctly) and try creating a new Document.

If updating with correct Video Driver and settings doesn't work, please let me know as we will have to arrange a remote support session. In such case, you can also send me your File.

Best Regards

H Sonac

H Sonac 2020-06-06 00:10:31

Hi Tony thank you for the information
I restored the system and now it works. It started to happen just after video card update. now old driver works much better.
BTW my video card is Geforce RTX 2080


Tony 2020-06-08 08:39:41

That's great news and pleased you were able to get it working again. If you need anything else, we're always here for you.