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How to compose multiple photo-reels to build up a video sequence

John 2020-05-29 17:09:20

Here's a Techical Support issue sent in by one of our users

In the BIM Video Studio environment, can I assemble two previously made photo-reels in sequence?

Yes, to insert multiple reels in one video, simply proceed as follows:

- go to the BIM Video Studio environment at the bottom left of the Edificius window;

- in the Bim Video Studio window click on the "ADD" icon;

- choose the Video Recorder track (reels/photos), then click on the "OK" button;

- to insert the reels select a video track to activate and click the "OK" button;

- move the playline to the end of the first reel to add the next one in the same way;

- Start the simulation before recording.