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How can I draw walls of the desired length?

User_499179 2014-01-16 20:05:08

The answer should be obvious but no matter how I tried it, I did not manage to get the desired (simple) result.
What I want to do is get the ground plot of a house. For starters, I only wanted the four outer walls.
All of these walls are 40 cm thick, the long side of the house is 13,50 meters and the short side is 10,50 meters.
So I tried to create a wall of 13,50 m length with a width of 40 cm. This worked fine.
Then I added the short side of 10,50 m lenght and this resulted in the first wall being 13,70 m long since it adds half of the thickness of the short wall. How can I change this behaviour? I want to define the outer lenght, not the length somewhere inside the wall to the middle of the width of the next wall.
I tried to do it in a different way by first creating the two walls of 13,50 m and then the two walls of 10,50 meters but when I join them, it changes to odd values like 13,517 meters and 10,518 meters. There should be an easy way to fix this but I didn't find it, no matter what I tried.
Thanks for your hints.


John 2014-01-17 15:03:34

Dear User,
to obtain a room with these dimensions 10.50x13.50 you'll need to:

- select the building envelope object (vertical)
- insert your start point;
- align the object alignment axis to "external" by pressing the F5 function key;
- type your measurement (10.50);
- press Enter;
- Continue inserting other walls in the same way starting fro the outer side of each wall.

Have a look at this video to see how it's done: