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Timber Stair Stringer Dimensions

Arb23 2019-10-04 02:16:10

How do I change the dimensions of a timber stringer to properly match the specified timber I need to use?
I can change thickness of the stringer, but can't find a height adjustment?


madoniaivan 2019-10-04 10:55:26

Hello there
You are right: the “timber (stringers)” stair type allows you to define only the base dimension of the stringers (see attached image, box A).

A different option is available by choosing the “timber (on load bearing beams)” type which allows you to change all the properties of the beams (see attached image, box b).

If instead you need a fully customizable option, I suggest you to choose the “timber (on load bearing beams)”, then under the beams box select the “number 0” option (box C of the image) in order to delete the beams from your model. Then leave the stair editor and open the custom beam editor (select the relating option from the drawing menu). In this editor you will have the possibility to create a stringer with all the characteristics that you need (box D ).
Please keep in mind that the base dimension of this beam needs to be defined from the properties panel on the right before opening the editor.